The Fleet Saving Cost Calculator - 6 simple steps

In 6 Simple steps, the fleet saving calculator allows the fleet engineers or financial controllers to ascertain possible fleet cost savings, using easily accessible financial information to demonstrate the potential savings by specifying the Battery Guard system.

This calculator will not show hidden costs such as late delivery penalties, customer dissatisfaction, damage to components from operating at low battery voltage, such as alternators, starters & tail lift power packs.

Step 1

Enter local tax rate in % (UK VAT currently 20%, USA local tax rates may vary) %
Your average cost per battery (est)
Estimated number of batteries replaced per vehicle per year
Labour cost per battery replacement
Calculated annual battery parts and labour cost:0

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Saving per vehicle per mile (not including opp cost):Calculating... Total fleet expenditure saving 1st year:Calculating... Total fleet expenditure saving over 3 years:Calculating...