Case Studies

With close to two million systems sold worldwide, we can say with absolute confidence that if Battery Guard functions once in the life of the vehicle the system will have paid for itself.

Best of all, this information from our customers, who have shared with us the savings they have enjoyed by installing Battery Guard products.

UK Fire & Rescue

The terrible events of 7/7, and the subsequent communication issues that were encountered by the emergency services, lead the UK Government to implement a new communication system called Airwave.

Being a vehicle based system it relies solely on the vehicle battery to provide power to the communications set.

After initial meetings with the main contractor, it was decided that Intellitec should design a new and battery guard system tailored to work with the Airwave communications system.

Battery Guard 3000+ was born out of these discussions and is now installed to 100% of the UK Fire & Rescue fleet.

Battery Guard 3000+ is fully programmable and can provide audible and visual alerts of battery condition and is able to communicate with most telematic packages.

National Grid

National Grid has specified Battery Guard 3000+ to all their new vehicles.

One of the most interesting aspects of this project is the integration of the Battery Guard system to the National Grid telematics provider, enabling the Fleet management department to be made aware of a low battery condition on a vehicle, and if the Battery Guard has operated with a date and time stamp.

As Battery Guard 3000+ is fully programmable we can provide audible & visual warning to drivers or vehicle operators of low battery condition.

Australian Department of Defence (DOD)

Following intensive testing the Australian DOD have specified the Intellitec Battery Guard to most of their fighting vehicle fleet.

Many of these vehicles have returned from theatre in Iraq and are receiving major overhauls, and at the same time, being fitted with Battery Guard systems.